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Step 1: What's Your Dream Adventure?

Where do you want to go? 

When do you want to go? 

What kind of activities would you like to do?

What is most important to you during traveling? 

Who will be traveling with you?

How long of a trip do you want to take?

What's your budget per person? 

What People Say

“My trip to Alaska is a memory that will last me several lifetimes. Anastasia was so thoughtful and mindful of every detail of the trip, from finding Airbnbs that gave me an inside look on what it's like to live like a native to the area, to finding tours that showed me all Alaska had to offer by land, sea, and sky. She was also so amazing about finding tours within my budget and I can't believe how much I got to see and do while being extremely under budget for the amount I planned on spending. This trip was one of the few I've gone where I feel like I saw everything I wanted to and don't feel any lingering, "Oh man, I wish I did this!" thoughts, and that's all thanks to Anastasia!”

— Kay, 24


“Anastasia is such an expert vacation planner! I visited Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and thanks to her I had something exciting to do everyday. I typically like to be very active on my vacations (i.e. hiking, swimming, etc.) and she totally helped curate a very active list of activities. She found excellent, well-priced white water rafting tours and mountain hikes. Not only was everything new and exciting, but my jaw kept dropping at all beauitful sights!”

— Brianna, 25


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